2016 Competition

FIRSTStrongHold The 2016 FRC season was another great year for BlitzCreek. We made it to the Michigan state championships in Grand Rapids and got to Worlds in St. Louis. Blitzcreek finished the 2016 championship in 32nd place on the Curie field. The average scores during the year was 78.25 for districts,  ~139.94 in the Michigan state chamionship, and 105 for worlds. We are very proud of how far we’ve gone this past year and hope for next year to be just as good.

This year’s challenge is named “FIRST Stronghold”, and has two teams of three robots competing to destroy and capture the other team’s tower. Along the way, robots must overcome various defenses and work together if they have any hope of capturing the enemy tower!


Events Attended:

Standish-Sterling District Event (March 4/5, 2016) [[4th Place in Qualifications]]

Midland District Event at Dow High School (March 25/26, 2016) [[10th place]]

Michigan State Championships (April 13-16, 2016) [[35th place]]

Worlds (April 27-30, 2016) [[32nd place in curie division]]

Stats on The Blue Alliance

2016 BlitzCreek Robot