2015 Competition


The 2015 robotics season was very successful and ended with trips to the Michigan State Championship on Grand Rapids as well as the World Championship in St. Louis.  BlitzCreek finished the championship in 58th out of the 76 in our division. Our average qualifying score increased over the season from 40.25 in our first district competition to 106.7 at the championship. We are very proud of the fact we ended the season in the top 15% of the almost 3000 around the world.

This season focused on the theme Recycle Rush.  The objective included a race against time to stack moving totes and recycling bins.  Pool noodles were defined as “litter” and added bonus points when thrown across the game field.

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Events Attended:
Standish High School, Feb 26-28, 2015, Standish, MI
Great Lakes Bay Region, Mar 19-21, 2015, Midland, MI
Michigan District Championship, Apr 8-11, Grand Rapids, MI
FIRST Championship, Apr 22-25, 2015, St. Louis, MO
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Our 2015 Team


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Our 2015 robot:



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We also received a wonderful donation from our local sponsor SweetGrafix who graciously “wrapped” our trailer with our team logo and information.  There is little doubt now who has the coolest FIRST Robotics trailer around.