BlitzCreek robotics continued to make great strides forward with our program and robot. The 2014 challenge included handling, passing, and shooting a large yoga-style ball with the robots.  The game emphasized teamwork with points for hand-offs of the ball.  Though shooting success was intermittent, the  BlitzCreek robot demonstrated mastery at the team game as was sought out by other alliance members for this role.  This season provided our first experience being selected for the post-qualification rounds in all competitions.

Events Attended:
Kettering University, Mar 7-8, 2014, Flint, MI
Great Lakes Bay Region, Mar 21-22, 2015, Midland, MI
Our 2014 robot:

Video Highlights
Video of qualification rounds from the view of the robot:
Clip 1    Clip 2    Clip 3    Clip 4    Clip 5
Kettering winning match accumulating a score of 238-96 with fellow alliance members Team 70 (More Martians) and Team 3534 (House of Cards).