2012 Competition

The 2012 season included marked improvement for our team compared to our rookie year. ThereĀ were moments of winning and excitement, and of course there some disappointments.

The primary mission of the 2012 Rebound Rumble competition was to shoot Nerf basketballs and to balance on a bridge. The BlitzCreek robot included the ability to pick up balls, hold up to two, and shoot. We also included an arm extension necessary to push a bridge down allowing us to move onto the bridge to balance on it.


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Events Attended:

9-10 March 2012 Waterford High School, Waterford, MI

23-24 March 2012 Northville High School, Northville, MI

View theĀ 2012 season statistics.

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Video Highlights


  • Match 13: Blue Alliance – scoring two baskets during initial autonamous period and one later in competion.
  • Match 60: Red Alliance – balancing on center bridge at end of match