2013 Competition

ultAscentBlitzCreek competed in three events during the 2013 season, and improved over past years. The Ultimate Ascent competition involved shooting disks into wall targets, and climbing a tower. The BlitzCreek robot and drive team gained great proficiency with targeting disks, but was unable to climb the tower. Concentrating on accurate disk shooting propelled the team to positions in the standings higher than ever before. BlitzCreek successfully made the competition round during our first competition and competed all the way to the quarterfinals.



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Events Attended:

1-2 March 2013 Traverse City, MI

22-23 March 2013 Grand Valley State University, MI

5-6 April 2013 Bedford, MI

View the 2013 season statistics.

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Check out the safety animation video created by Chris Jenkins. Team 3770 FRC Safety Animation 2013

See the action of competition from the robot’s perspective with these video clips.

Practice Round: Practice Clip

Competition Rounds: Clip 1   Clip 2   Clip 3   Clip 4   Clip 5